Dream It, Own It” Introduces the Complete Method to Imagine and Realize the ‘Dream Home

Home is where the heart is, but many find it a challenge to visualize and actually own a home that resembles just the home one dreamt of. A new guide, “Dream It, Own It” by Patries Ramkaran now introduces the world to a well-researched and logical method to make the process seamless and perfect, down to the last details.

A home is ‘a place to become yourself’, said Theo Pelletier. “Dream It, Own It” is a guided journal to owning one’s dream home and reaching one’s full potential. The guide, a product of hard research work, takes the reader on a journey, and offers tools, methods and how-to tips to find the home of one’s dreams. The book includes chapters on sizing, home floor finishes, ceilings, choosing the best location, tips for reducing costs, along with check lists, pictures, activities and blank spaces to ideate, as well as a skeletal framework on the logical stages involved in choosing the perfect home.

“Many people find it a challenge to figure out the ‘how’ of choosing their dream home, while some try to reshape their dream home into what they consider more realistic. Even home checklists can fail as users do not let their true desires come to the surface. Dream now, and I will show you how to make it all come to reality!” says Patries Ramkaran.

Among other things, “Dream It, Own It” introduces the readers to a novel and power method to realize their dream home. The method is visualization, and gives us the power to activate the creative subconscious mind, giving rise to creative ideas. The images created elicit a response from us and help us to take action and achieve the desired results. “Dream It, Own It” is a guide and reference point that answers all the common questions, challenges and doubts that home seekers face all over the world.

“Let your imagination be your guide. Be the architect of your imagination! Permit me to take you on this beautiful ride and watch as we explore the stages involved – the design, the sketch, construction, authority approval, and cost estimates. We’ll even touch on details of each room – the colors, the design, ceiling design, floor finishes, and even the size,” says Patries.

Patries Ramkaran is a building and construction professional with experience spanning over a decade. Currently, she is the Managing Director at Ramkaran Contracting Services Limited, where she caters to the development of the business in line with its stated vision and mission. She is educated up to Master of Business Administration level and she just recently received her MBA in Entrepreneurial Management from the Australian Institute of Business.

You can dream again

We all have great dreams and aspiration at one point in our lives. But somehow along that journey of life, we are faced with obstacles and challenges that can get the best of us. For many when they are faced with obstacles, then may stop, others may think of ways that they can get thru, some may seek help and for many they will just give up and forget about continuing that journey.

My question to you is, “When you were faced with that obstacle, what did you do?

What is your dream for your life?

What is your desire?

You may say, that I do not have a dream, or

What is a dream?

The Oxford dictionary defines a dream as a cherished aspiration or ambitions.

May be your aspiration is to own a dream home, buy a BMW, travel the world, own a business, work in the bank, get marry. This dream list can go on and on, but you are the one to create it. If you want to create your dream; think of what you want to achieve, create a vision board and work towards it. The journey of life may not be an easy one, but it is a process which needs you to start at some point. If you do not start, you will never finish.

While you dream again always remember, your dream is your dream, not my dream or his dream. We are unique individuals, therefore you do not need to follow Joe Public dream. Follow your own dream, listen to that inner voice and decipher your real desire and purpose.

The obstacles that caused you give up and feel that owning our dream home is impossible, forget about it. They were there to make you better, stronger and wiser. Get up, dust your feet and start dreaming again.

Do you remember Martin Luther King? He had a dream and while he had that dream, the present situations were not the best and that dream felt impossible. Do not allow your present circumstances to dictate your future.

Work backwards, look at the end, and move forward, so you can dream again.